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Deleted Cases

Brief mention is made of Wendt v. Host International Inc. in chapter 5.  This was the case in which actors George Wendt and John Ratzenberger sued a company that had created robots "Bob" and "Hank," which the plaintiffs alleged were clearly designed to profit from their Cheers characters Norm and Cliff. In 1999 (see 197 F. 3d 1284), the Ninth Circuit refused to review the case en banc, thus upholding the finding that the actors do have a recognizable interest.  Judge Alex Kozinski wrote a very eloquent dissent to  the full court's choosing not to hear the case.  I offer my thanks to attorney Robert Chapman, who was kind enough to provide me with these images from the court record, which were, unfortunately, not of high enough resolution to use in the textbook itself.

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