Deleted Cases

2004 Monday Night Football Introduction
American Beauty
American Express - My Life. My Card. (Deniro & Tiger Woods)
American Gangster
Borat - Driving Education Instructor
Borat - Etiquette Instructor
Borat - Fraternity Boys
Borat - Man on NYC Street
Borat - Pentecostal Camp
Born Innocent
Bowling for Columbine (Nichols v. Moore)
Bright Tunes case
COPS episode (Spilfogel case)
CSI Minty Fresh case
Carnal Knowledge
Charmin Bears
Cher and Nichole Richie
Cocoa Pebbles
Devil's Advocate
DirecTV Jessica Simpson
DirecTV Simpson and Shatner combined
DirecTV Star Trek
Etrade Babies
Fahrenheit 911
Family Guy - Carol Burnett parody
Family Guy - Pinocchio parody?
Family Guy and Pinocchio combined
Faulkner's Estate Sues Woody Allen Film
Finding Nemo
Gone in 60 Seconds
Hagan an atheist?
Hillary: The Movie
I Love New York compilation--Emily Egan
It's Not Loaded, Of Course-- OUCH!!!
John Q
Law and Order
Long Kiss Goodnight
Maker's Mark seal
Mary Tyler Moore found in contempt
Million Youth March
NYPD Blue (Charlotte Ross)
Natural Born Killers
Penn and Teller's "B.S." on Creationism
Pinocchio Wishing Star scene
Ralph Nader and MasterCharge
Robin Williams
SNL--I Love New York
Simon Glik case
Simple Life
Skecher $40 FTC Settlement
Soul Men suit
Soup Nazi (Seinfeld)
Supersize Me
Titicut Follies
U2's Bono & Edge: 'Fucking Brilliant'
Vuitton and Hangover II
WDAF Privacy Protection case
Wardrobe Malfunction
Zimmerman sues NBC
anti- Bertrand ad

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