Deleted Cases

DEA agent shoots Himself
Jose Solano
old photo
"Hard News & Unsubstantiated Rumor"
Ellie Mae Clampett and Mattell
Hulk Hogan
Paris Hilton greeting card
Muhammad Ali in Playgirl
A Day in Hollywood poster
Vanna White & Samsung
Jackie O look-alike
Woody Allen look-alike
Pat Paulsen
Mayor Giuliani
"I got trashed"
Borat and NYC passerby
Borat and frat boys
Borat and Driver's Ed
Borat and the Pentecostals
New Kids on the Block
Bush lied
Chris Benoit on Hustler cover
Barry Bonds
Dustin Hoffman
Supersize Me
Hurt Locker
The Perfect Storm
Human Cannonball
Shirley Booth ad
Joe Namath ad
Brooke Shields
News Babes
Joan Rivers
Jeff Goldblum
Daring Daughter
Gill photo
"They ask to be Killed"
Mob photo of "Joey's christening"
Pregnant 101 year old Granny
Who's Coaching your Kid?
Neff photo
Oliver Sipple
Spilfogel on COPS
Starving Glutton photo
Titticut Follies

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