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Welcome.  Material on this website comes from my more than 30 years teaching various forms of the communication law class, undergraduate and graduate, live and online, at over a dozen universities.  The resources here are organized around the fourth editions of my texts, Communication Law in America and Cases in Communication Law (published by Rowman and Littlefield), though instructors and students using other texts (or no text at all) will find much here to prompt discussion. 

To receive an examination copy, CLICK HERE for Communication Law in America and HERE for Cases in Communication Law

Organized chapter by chapter around the main text, the left side of this site provides:

**Over 200 IMAGES FROM THE BOOK (photos, cartoons, etc.), often here in full color whereas the book is in grayscale, and ADDITIONAL IMAGES (often items that did not provide high enough resolution to be used in the text itself);

**Almost 70 VIDEO CLIPS from TV shows and movies (with a smattering of political and product commercials) that resulted in legal action;

**POWER POINT SLIDES for each chapter (which themselves include scores of hyperlinks back to the site's visual elements); and

**The LATEST UPDATE to the main text, since any law book is necessarily out of date even before it goes to press.  [The first Update to this edition will be posted in early July, so as to include the conclusion of the Supreme Court term).

On the right side of the home page you can find cases that were deleted from earlier editions of the CASES book to make room for newer ones, so instructors never need grieve over a personal favorite having been dropped.

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